About Dogs

"Better all the time" is the best way for me to describe the amenities for dog lovers in San Luis Obispo County. The community of dog lovers continues to grow as people gather at the local dog parks and dream up all kinds of crazy dog activities, like the Weiner Dog races held annually in Atascadero!

The number of dog parks in this county is growing with the help of some very dedicated volunteers who have seen the need and risen to the occasion of working with the county and city officials to create this relatively new use for our parks. We now have dog parks in the City of San Luis Obispo, and Atascadero, a dog trail in Paso Robles, and a new park coming to Templeton. There's also a new dog park in the community of Heritage Ranch out by Lake Nacimiento.

Excellent vets and emergency centers, agility and obedience trainers and dog friendly hotels further help to make this a "dog friendly" environment. And the trails available for hiking which allow dogs area all over the county. We even have an unofficial "dog beach" where you can take your dog to romp in the surf without a leash! Just be mindful that horses may appear and be respectful of the safety of the riders.

Hopefully these community links help you to discover why this is such a great place to visit and why you really should be MOVING here!

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