About Horses

Beachride cropped

San Luis Obispo County has a myriad of activities available to the horse enthusiast!

From Twin Rivers Horse Park to riding along the Pacific Ocean, your every desire to breed, own, train, ride, and compete with your horse can be found here.  My goal is to provide you with as many links as I can find to help you discover all of these things.

We have Bed and Breakfasts where you can board your horse, world class Cutting Horse Futurities, annual Equine Expos, and of course lots of horse fun at the annual Mid-State County Fair.  We also have top class breeders and trainers located right in this county.

My personal love is trail riding.  Within one hour of any location in this county, are a multitude of trails which meander along creeks, lakes, and up above the Pacific with endless vistas.  Horse camping locations are also available in a number of places.

Hopefully the links I provide here will help answer some of your equine questions.  Please call or email if I can be of further help.  Of course, I would love to show you acreage properties perfect for your needs.  We have homes with great horse set-ups ranging from $350,000 to $5,000,000.

Call me, I'm ready to help!  And let's go riding!